earth day

Action Name : Earth Day

Schedule: March 30, 2012

Location: House of Culture El Guettar

Description: In solidarity with the Palestinian people , Mash'hed celebrated March 30, 2012 , the day of the Earth. This initiative was part of a caring and
humanitarian vision towards the suffering and misfortune that our people live in Palestine.

Exhibitions of photos, featuring music, an exhibition of a film and a drawing workshop for children were established.

Target audience: The people of the governorate El Guettar , Gafsa


-Celebrating Earth Day .

-Strengthening Freedom of expression through artistic means.

Sensitize citizens to the notions of human solidarity with the Palestinian people .

-To Encourage children to attend cultural spaces of the region.


House of El Guettar culture,
The governorate of Gafsa

The wall

Scheduled: 20 and March 21, 2012

Location: In front of the Ibn Rached Gafsa High School and the Houssin Bouzaien High School Gafsa.


Thanks to the efforts of young people passionate about art and culture, Mash'hed organized two days of artistic expression: graffiti, music, street art.

The event lasted for two successive days, several people were involved, passengers and teenagers passionate about music, drama and graffiti.

Participants let off steam in a full creative environment, sharing and respect.

This event was funded by donations and fund raising done by the young participants.

Target group: Youth and students from the Gafsa region.

Objectives: This initiative was:

- Encouraging the involvement of youth in public and social life.
- sensitize the concepts of dialogue for the young participants,
- Encouraging young people to freely express their ideas through artistic means.
- Accept others whatever their differences.


Delegation of Culture of Gafsa.
Lycée Ibn Rached Gafsa.
High School Houssin Bouzein Gafsa.