Detecting Dental anomalies among kids

scheduled : March 6th 2013
Description: Mash'hed organized a day to preform dental inspection of children in a kindergarden. This was to help inform children, parents and educational
insitution staff of the Health Culture.

Promote the Health Culture
Encourage children to take good care of their teeth.
Let kids participate in diverse cultural activities.

Garderie Espace Jasmin
Regional Hospital of ElGuettar.

civil society encounters

Action Name: Meeting of civil society

Scheduled: 3 September 2012

Location: Municipality of Gafsa

Description: In order to strengthen the concepts of collaboration between the associations of civil society in Gafsa.

Mash'hed organized in partnership with the Development of Local Democracy Bolognese Center, a forum for the meeting of civil society.

This forum is an initiative to share the extensive knowledge and experience between different associations present and ensure a strong and credible network of

Target group: The associations of civil society in Gafsa


-To Strengthen the collaboration between the various associations of civil society in Gafsa.

-Learn From the Polish experience in civil society.

-Create Projects and networks of associations.


Development Centre of the Local Bolognese Democracy .

New Capsa Association.

Associations of Fine Arts Gafsa.

Tunisia Association Bondy Blog.

Association of Human Development Gafsa.

Association of Social Economic Initiative and Gafsa.

Dignity Association Sned Gafsa.

El Guettar Association for Theatre.

Association of Voice of the Forgotten Gafsa.

Reform Development Association t Belkhir Gafsa.

Association Life Ain Soltan Ksar Gafsa.

Voice of others Association Gfasa .

womens fest

Action Name: Women's Day

Schedule: March 3, 2012

Location: House of Culture Ibn Mandhour Gafsa

Mash'hed aims to promote the role of women in civil society, in particular and society in general. This role first passes through the recognition of the
sacrifices and achievements of women in the Gafsa region in the past and in particular the movement of benefits in 2008 and during the revolution.

On this occasion, Mashhed has introduced a short film about the mothers of the martyrs of the events in the region Erdeyef in 2008 and their honor.

Target group: Women Gafsa, women in mining areas.


-Make Tribute to the mothers of the martyrs of Redeyef 2008 events.

-To Strengthen the role of women in civil society.

Sensitize citizens to the rights of women.


Euro-Mediterranean Network of Human Rights.
The association Mother of Martyrs.
House of Culture Ibn Mandhour Gafsa

Labor Day

Schedule: May 1, 2012

Location: Primary school Ahmed Doula

Description: Among the concepts and values ​​that Mash'hed aims to promote , those of work, initiative and determination, among the youth and the new generations.

In this context, a primary school in the region of Elksar, was selected to work with young students in cleaning and decorating their school.

The morning edition was a platform for the students and a group of teachers, as well as works of paintings by children on the front of their school.

The evening edition was dedicated to the screening of two films, in a popular neighborhood, a vision that is part of the promotion of street art and the
development of culture in popular places.

The exposed films were produced by the Mashhed association; "Hak Fi Kelmtin Wledna Win" and "Majbour Nekhdem". These two films were shot on the occasion of
Labor Day.

The exhibition was followed by a debate which has sought the participation of everyone.

Target group: Students of primary school Ahmed Doula and locals popular area.


To promote the values ​​of hard work, commitment and initiative.

To promote culture in popular circles.

Sensitize students to the importance of artistic expressions.

-To Strengthen the relationship between students and teachers.


Primary -Ecole Ahmed Doula.
Renewable Theatre -Association .
-Municipalité Of ElKsar.

DETECTION OF DISEASES , diabetes and high blood pressure

Action Name: Detection of diabetes disease and high bloos pressure

Schedule: August 25, 2012

Location: Freedom Square Gafsa

Description: Mash'hed presents the cultural landscape in all its dimensions, in this context, it aims to promote the culture of health.

This initiative was based around the detection of chronic diseases; diabetes and tension among the people of Gafsa, an attempt to better understand the
symptoms of these diseases and be able to fight against, in order to guarantee good health for all.

Two tents were set up, one for diabetes detection, and another for the high blood pressure. A collaboration was conducted between the health sector employees,
medical students and medical specialists.

11% of the participants had no idea they had diabetes and 13% participants of the other tent had high blood pressure unkowingly.

Target group: The inhabitants of the Gafsa region.


To promote the role of civil society as an important actor in the promotion of health rights.

-To Strengthen the collaboration between the private and the public sector.

To promote the culture of health


Ministry of Health
Guard Emergency Preparedness
Medical Students
Regional Hospital of Gafsa
School health

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