Citizenship, Environment, Art.

Action Name: Citizenship, Environment, Art.
Schedule: June / July 2013.
Location: Gafsa Ksar El Guettar, Erdeyef

Description: "An alternative view, an alternative culture" is the slogan of the Mashhed association, which seeks the establishment of a new culture; a civic
culture, a culture of artistic expression and commitment of everyone in the process of human and social development of society.

Let's defend our interests in order to help build our country

Novembre / Décembre 2013
Location: Salle Nadine Gafsa

Description: Mash'hed has organized a number of workshop with the goal of reinforcing talents and abilities. 60 youngsters from all around Gafsa benefited from
these workshop for 12 days starting from December 2nd 2013.

Target group: The young


Promote advocacy as a means to defend its rights.
Strengthen collaboration with a variety of local associations
Making a network of associations and capacity building of members.

Oued Elbey Palm Association .

Club "Homme" for human rights.

Location: Gafsa

Desciption: This project is an intiative of Mash'hed to present and introduce the most basic of human rights in the form of cinema.
The project was based on the showing of films pertaining to human rights, an innovative idea for the sole purpose of installing a culture of alternative art.

Target group: young people, artists .


Educate youth about the different rights .
Addressing human rights in a cinematographic approach.
Promoting the Art of the street.
Promote culture and human rights for marginalized groups.

Arab Institute for Human Rights.
Arts Centre Dramatiquede Gafsa.

"Possible" Digital expression center

scheduled: Septembre 2013 - March 2014

Location: "Possible" Digital expression center
Description: This center is part of Mash'hed's mission to help intergrate youngsters in both the social and civil society and also to promote the use of art.
This center currently contains: A sound recording studio made entirely of recycled water bottles.
An internet room.
The themes in this center are : citizen journalism , internet security , cinematography techniques and drafting of local legends.

After 6 months of work, the products of the workshops contributed to the establishment of the closing festival " Momken ".

Target group: young people.


Encourage interest in art among the youth.
Personal capacity building among youth.
Promoting freedom of expression.
Promote artistic expression among youth.
Promote the concepts of creativity , initiative and commitment .

Arab Digital Expression Foundation.
Municipality of Gafsa.
Theatre Association of El Guettar .

Story-Board and workshop of the creation of animation

scheduled: July 13th 2012
Location: Primary school of ElGuettar, ElGuettar.
Description: With the help of the Education Groupe of Palestinse and Theatre Association of ElGuettar, Mash'hed organzied an educational session in the art of
creating cartoon story-boards. 16 kids ages 8 to 13 participated in this event.
This session lasted 5 days.

These workshops include the presentation of the participants and show the principle of developing the cartoon from the perspective of children and at the same
time a set of animation and culture to mix between educational activity and leisure.
At the end of these workshops, an award was given to the participants as well as a projection of all work, the session ended with a recreational activity. it
had a good response from parents and people of the region.
Promote tolerance and acceptance of concepts in children.
Promote the concepts of democracy through workshops and activities.
Discover and develop new talent.
Encouraging children to the action and production.
Valuing the principles of equality and participation of children.
Collective Art for education via the media (Palestine)
Primary school of El Guettar.
Theater association El Guettar.