Decentralized cooperation: (North Nantes ACCOORD)

progress: From December 2013 till October 2016
location: Tunisia: Gafsa and France: Nantes
Mash'hed enrolled in the decentralized cooperation project established (put in place) by the region of La Loire et the governorate of Gafsa in the perspective
of common objectives (shared objectives).
A partnership - other than the one with CEMEA pdll - has been founded with ACCOORD North Nantes as a part of this project.

- ACCOORD North Nantes:
Four members of the association bureau went to France on December 2013 as a part of a partnership with CEMEA. Their coming (arrrival) was an opportunity to
arrange a meeting with ACCOORD, in order to prepare for a future project.

This time has allowed each structure to become aware of their common concerns, whether it is on the educational level or the pedagogic one. These concerns
affect the citizen participation, openness to others and non-formal education as an enhancer towards engagement, autonomy and critical mind.
From this encounter was therefore born the common will between these to associations to build a durable and mutual exchange.

All exchanges will be done on a basis of common support. Multimedia and more precisely the "Video", Web radio and the use of internet as a means of
dissemination and valorization, which are tools that in constant evolution (development) in our animation practices. And it is at this level that a real
complementarity is displayed between our structures. The ACCOORD has created several years ago a web radio run by young people, and can moreover train
volunteers and the youth of Mash'hed in order to be more efficient in the use of these tools. On the opposite hand, Mash'hed has a considerable experience
experience in the field concerning the video and can train facilitators and ACCOORD's youth in order to be efficient in this field that yet to be widely among

Our aim is to strengthen an approach based on the principle of citizen participation and consideration concerning different media. These tools have shown their
utost importance during the Arab Spring, and Tunisians have come to a realization concerning the power of such tools. We also wish to use this experience in
order to motivate the publich and push the towards self thinking and the realization of the power withing these new digital tools.

Target audience The youth of Gafsa

Act concerning youth mobility (zid thabet féha je suis pas sûr)
Reinforcing the structuring of associative life
Create the non-formal education structure
Creation of a training structure concerning different fields {Formal/non-formal education, social work, early childhood...}
Reinforce Gafsa's civil society's active young actors' ability
Ensure an exchange of expertise between both sides
Create a dynamic on the territorial and consultation plan

Region of La Loire.
Gorvernorate of Gafsa.
La Loire's CEMEA
Secular solidarity
French institute of Tunis
French Agency of development
"France Volontaire"