civil society encounters

Action Name: Meeting of civil society

Scheduled: 3 September 2012

Location: Municipality of Gafsa

Description: In order to strengthen the concepts of collaboration between the associations of civil society in Gafsa.

Mash'hed organized in partnership with the Development of Local Democracy Bolognese Center, a forum for the meeting of civil society.

This forum is an initiative to share the extensive knowledge and experience between different associations present and ensure a strong and credible network of

Target group: The associations of civil society in Gafsa


-To Strengthen the collaboration between the various associations of civil society in Gafsa.

-Learn From the Polish experience in civil society.

-Create Projects and networks of associations.


Development Centre of the Local Bolognese Democracy .

New Capsa Association.

Associations of Fine Arts Gafsa.

Tunisia Association Bondy Blog.

Association of Human Development Gafsa.

Association of Social Economic Initiative and Gafsa.

Dignity Association Sned Gafsa.

El Guettar Association for Theatre.

Association of Voice of the Forgotten Gafsa.

Reform Development Association t Belkhir Gafsa.

Association Life Ain Soltan Ksar Gafsa.

Voice of others Association Gfasa .