Labor Day

Schedule: May 1, 2012

Location: Primary school Ahmed Doula

Description: Among the concepts and values ​​that Mash'hed aims to promote , those of work, initiative and determination, among the youth and the new generations.

In this context, a primary school in the region of Elksar, was selected to work with young students in cleaning and decorating their school.

The morning edition was a platform for the students and a group of teachers, as well as works of paintings by children on the front of their school.

The evening edition was dedicated to the screening of two films, in a popular neighborhood, a vision that is part of the promotion of street art and the
development of culture in popular places.

The exposed films were produced by the Mashhed association; "Hak Fi Kelmtin Wledna Win" and "Majbour Nekhdem". These two films were shot on the occasion of
Labor Day.

The exhibition was followed by a debate which has sought the participation of everyone.

Target group: Students of primary school Ahmed Doula and locals popular area.


To promote the values ​​of hard work, commitment and initiative.

To promote culture in popular circles.

Sensitize students to the importance of artistic expressions.

-To Strengthen the relationship between students and teachers.


Primary -Ecole Ahmed Doula.
Renewable Theatre -Association .
-Municipalité Of ElKsar.