DETECTION OF DISEASES , diabetes and high blood pressure

Action Name: Detection of diabetes disease and high bloos pressure

Schedule: August 25, 2012

Location: Freedom Square Gafsa

Description: Mash'hed presents the cultural landscape in all its dimensions, in this context, it aims to promote the culture of health.

This initiative was based around the detection of chronic diseases; diabetes and tension among the people of Gafsa, an attempt to better understand the
symptoms of these diseases and be able to fight against, in order to guarantee good health for all.

Two tents were set up, one for diabetes detection, and another for the high blood pressure. A collaboration was conducted between the health sector employees,
medical students and medical specialists.

11% of the participants had no idea they had diabetes and 13% participants of the other tent had high blood pressure unkowingly.

Target group: The inhabitants of the Gafsa region.


To promote the role of civil society as an important actor in the promotion of health rights.

-To Strengthen the collaboration between the private and the public sector.

To promote the culture of health


Ministry of Health
Guard Emergency Preparedness
Medical Students
Regional Hospital of Gafsa
School health