lets be active

Procedure: Pilot phase, January to June 2014
Location: Gafsa
Phase PCPA: July over two years.
The program is implemented and coordinated in the Gafsa region by mashhed and les cemeas pdll.
The project is built on two dynamics developed with Tunisian partners: a training dynamic  and an action dynamic .the trip between training and action is 
essential: the training is based on the practice of joint actions which are in turn fed by the work done during training times. We have identified two areas 
for our action in the framework of this cooperation: the field of community life and the animation field. The two selected areas allow us to build on the same 
resources the Ceméa PDLL has, which now have a considerable teaching experience and are therefore able to offer quality training areas and Exchange s' drawing 
on a wide and diverse militant network.
Diagnose problems in the areas of education, citizenship, integration and vocational training.
Build the capacity of partner organizations
Strengthen consultation between actors
Sustainable actions
  • Secular solidarity.
  • Cémea Pays de La Loire.
  • Gouvernorat Gafsa.
  • PASC Tunisia: Gafsa Office.
  • French Developmen