Citizenship, Environment, Art.

Action Name: Citizenship, Environment, Art.
Schedule: June / July 2013.
Location: Gafsa Ksar El Guettar, Erdeyef

Description: "An alternative view, an alternative culture" is the slogan of the Mashhed association, which seeks the establishment of a new culture; a civic
culture, a culture of artistic expression and commitment of everyone in the process of human and social development of society.

Mashhed vision is a creative and innovative vision based on the use of artistic means and art to enhance the engagement of youth and all citizens in improving
the environment and landscape Gafsa region.

It is in this context that a set of dynamic and motivated young artists and have implemented numerous Trash bins in four different regions of Gafsa; colorful,
painted all drippings, where there's drawings and graffiti. This new view of trash has encouraged citizens to better protect their environment and keep a
citizen and responsible behavior.

Target group: Citizens of Gafsa


Strengthen youth and citizen engagement in social life.
Give an artistic vision to encourage citizens to preserve their environment.
Strengthening the role of civil society in the involvement of youth in the process of local development.
Citizens aware of Gafsa to the importance of having a citizen and responsible behavior.