"Possible" Digital expression center

scheduled: Septembre 2013 - March 2014

Location: "Possible" Digital expression center
Description: This center is part of Mash'hed's mission to help intergrate youngsters in both the social and civil society and also to promote the use of art.
This center currently contains: A sound recording studio made entirely of recycled water bottles.
An internet room.
The themes in this center are : citizen journalism , internet security , cinematography techniques and drafting of local legends.

After 6 months of work, the products of the workshops contributed to the establishment of the closing festival " Momken ".

Target group: young people.


Encourage interest in art among the youth.
Personal capacity building among youth.
Promoting freedom of expression.
Promote artistic expression among youth.
Promote the concepts of creativity , initiative and commitment .

Arab Digital Expression Foundation.
Municipality of Gafsa.
Theatre Association of El Guettar .