Two members of Mash'hed Executive Office participated in a selective training, which gathered 18 associations of the Arab world , organized by the Cultural Resources " AlMawred Al Thaqafy " from 18 to 25 April at the hotel RIMEL , Gammart , Tunis .

Momken fest

In cooperation with the ADEF " اظف  " foundation ( Foundation of Arab Digital Expression) Mash'hed organized a cultural festival in which several actions and
activities were the subject of the project ( children's theater , music ... ) and it was on 26 and 27 April 2014


Under the Bridge to Democracy program, initiated by USAID Tunisia with the participation of more than 90 associations Mash'hed was present at the workshops and
the exchange of ideas and sharing of experience with participating organizations of the civil society taking place from April 19, 2014 to April 23 , 2014.

the studio.

During the preparations of the Momkin festival organized by the Association Mashhed a sound recording booth was designed by Mr. Taoufik Rjab ( current president of
the association) and members of the association, set up through nothing more than empty bottles and plywood .