new education conference, learning through creation and arts

Under its annual program, mashhed association organised a conference under the name ( a conference around the new means of education and learning through creation
and arts).
the conference belongs to a series of conferences around the cultural administration and active pedagogy within public actors in the region
The conference was led by Mr Régis Barly regional director CEMEA countries of the Loire , 24 Ocotobre 2014
- Cultural Resources
- CEMEA Pays de la Loire

- Director of SOS center
- Youth and Sports Commissioner Representative
- Family and Child Police Representative
- Kindergarten Director
- Director of a kindergarten
- Professors and teachers
- Member of the organization medecin du monde (Tunisia)
- Representative of the Association my health
- Member of the Association of Oued Elbey's Palm
- Member of the Association Espoir
- UNESCO Representative club El Guettar
- Members of the Association Mashhed
- An activist of CEMEA Pays de la Loire
- Other activists.